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Lillian Baylis Sadlers Wells 


27 young people murdered nationally between January and Decemebr 2007. In the first ten weeks of 2008 there have been 9 fatal stabbings in London alone.

We are constantly seeking answers to the meaningless acts of violence that divids famalies and separates whole communities. This is our story.    


"Labelled as a play that recognises the challenges that young people face in inner city life. It provided its actors with a voice and its audience with a message. Stop the violence, learn how to aspire and don’t be afraid to achieve".

Awkward Silence 

Lillian Baylis Sadlers Wells


A devised play that explores the world through the eyes of young people affected by mental illness. Through a serious of monologues, flashbacks and short scenes our piece goes ‘into the heads’ of our young community and examines the stigma and exclusion they face as they live their everyday lives. It challenges our perceptions and encourages debate, whilst promoting positive attitudes to mental health


Following a successful performance at the Lilian Baylis we were lucky enough to perform the play at Young Minds annual debate at the Unicorn Theatre London Bridge. 


The play was also performed in schools and colleges and was followed by a participatory drama workshop. Young actors were trained and led these workshops. A teachers pack accompanied the production providing activities and resources for teachers and students. 

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Teachers Pack
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