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Rehearsals for up coming production at

City and Islington College

Working in Schools and Colleges 

As a company we are committed to raising social and morale awareness through the work we do in schools and colleges. Theatre practitioners working in collaberation with teachers and educational establishments to link learning to the curriculum.


Theatre in Education has an important role to play in the personal development of young people. It encourages growth, self-esteem and confidence by developing essential life-skills, including communication, interpersonal and collaborative skills. 



We believe that ‘Every Child Matters’ and echo the government’s ambition, an initiative of the same name that states every child, whatever their background or circumstances, should have the support they need to:

  • be healthy

  • stay safe 

  • enjoy and achieve

  • make a positive contribution and

  • achieve economic wellbeing.

"Labelled" was performed in my school to a group of 60 students aged 11-14. The students were rivetted throughout. The following workshop continued to engage and some quite adult themes of behaviour and emotion explored by cast and students. I really think this experience is a valuable chance for these children to examine cause and effect, right speech right action in a topic which sadly is a reality for many young adults.

Caroline Dennish (Teacher Moss Bourne Academy)

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